Data Validation Timeline

The Data Validation Review is conducted over a three-month period beginning in April and ending in June as prescribed by CMS. A monthly narrative breakdown of the essential audit stages can be found below. Attest allows for reasonable flexibility in performing review steps, as permitted by CMS

Planning calls are an opportunity for each health plan to lay the ground work for the audit as well as to introduce the Attest Audit Team (this usually consists of 2 auditors) to the health plan. During this call we will discuss developing a timeline for tasks that will work best for your organization. We will confirm the scope of the audit (number of contracts and measures) and discuss any planning required to make the review as efficient as possible during the short review period.

The Organization Assessment Instrument (OAI) is submitted in April. Attest will use this documentation to prepare for the onsite in order to focus on the relevant programs/procedures that were utilized for reporting. Demonstrations of systems may also be performed. Our onsites are scheduled from April through May, depending on plan or PBM preference. This visit typically lasts between one day and one and a half days depending on the number of systems and measures to review. Our goal is to perform the onsite with as minimal disruption to plan operations as possible. We utilize a shared agenda agreed to in advance of the visit.

Census and primary source data review occur in April and May. Attest will review and deliver the results of these verifications within 10 business days of receipt. Plans are granted access to the Attest Census & PSV Guide publication in advance of when these deliverables are due.

In June we will complete the Draft Findings Data Collection Forms and provide them to you for your review. We will allow you a minimum of a week to review these forms to provide comment and any suggestions for correction. Following final agreement on all findings we will mark all of these forms final and provide both the final draft of these forms as well as your score report. Last year all Attest clients were completed before the CMS deadline and most were done a full week in advance of the deadline. Our objective is to partner with all plans for on time successful completion of the Data Validation Review..

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