What Our Clients Say

A 2017 survey conducted by an independent survey vendor of our HEDIS® and Medicare Data Validation clients found that:
  • 98% of our clients would recommend us without reservations
  • 99% said that we met or exceeded their expectations

We conduct various quality and compliance audits. In turn, our clients vary in size and mission. No matter which type of audit received by a client, they all tell a consistent story about Attest. Here are some of their quotes from the 2016 survey:

"The Attest auditors are always great to work with. They take the time to answer our questions and help us better understand new processes."

"I value the feedback and constant communications. The issue log helps keep the audit season on track and the rate benchmarking helps find any potential issues early on in the season."

"We all love working with Attest because they are consistent with their client services every year."

"Our data is cleaner and our ability to identify barriers to care is due to Attest's diligence. Every year, Attest has "forced" us to be more knowledgeable about our data and our processes, which has led to improved rates. We have also learned to perform stringent oversight of our vendors, mitigating the risks of invalid data interpretation."

"It was awesome. Folks throughout the organization acknowledged the wisdom of shift from our prior audit firm and clearly understood the added value Attest brought to the table."

"Our auditors were very patient and fair through the whole process. They are friendly and easy to talk to while still maintaining standards for accuracy and being able to have tough conversations with us."

"I truly appreciate the attitude of collaboration, sincerity and honesty. I feel that I can trust and therefore, I can be open with our issues knowing Attest will do what is in their power to help us deliver a clean product to our regulators."

"Attest did an amazing job at being our "partner" during the HEDIS project. It's like they are a part of our internal HEDIS team. Our audit team is always available, approachable, open to any questions we have, and goes the extra mile to find the answers when necessary."

"It was a very good experience. Always feels like not only do we complete the audit, but it is a good learning experience in the process. Our staff enjoys working with them. They maintain a good balance as auditors, but partners as well."

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Attest Health Care Advisors is an NCQA-licensed organization authorized to conduct HEDIS® audits. Only an NCQA-licensed organization is authorized to conduct HEDIS Compliance Audits™.